The Latest in Mobile App Monetization: 2024 Edition

Mobile app monetization is a hot topic in 2024, with developers constantly seeking innovative ways to generate revenue from their apps. Here are some of the latest trends in this space. Consumer Spending is Back on Track After a challenging period, consumer spending is back on track. This is great news for app developers, as […]

Software Product Development Steps

Shows part of the Software Product Development Process

From Concept to Launch: A Comprehensive Guide to Software Product Development Steps Are you looking to develop a software product but not sure where to start? The process can be overwhelming, but fear not, because we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through every step of the software product development process, […]

It takes just a click to organize your images with Eden Photos!

We are beyond happy to officially launch Eden Photos: the desktop app developed by our indie dev agency Eden Tech Labs!  We are not joking when we say it takes just a click to organize all your photos. The app uses AI to automatically do this for you and what’s even better is that it makes your images searchable with state-of-the-art […]

Telegram just launched a Clubhouse competitor. Who’s next?

clubhouse competitor

You’ve probably heard about Clubhouse by now. The iOS only, invite only app that serves as a drop-in audio chat. It’s been on a hell of a rise since its launch and even though it’s not making any money yet it has even received unicorn status, due to the amount of installs and the time […]

Huawei HMS integration

Huawei Mobile Services Integration

The problem An existing Android application needed to be ported to use Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). The solution Replace all Google Mobile Services with their Huawei Mobile Services alternatives. the result We were able to successfully integrate all required Huawei Mobile Services. The app is now fully functional with Huawei Login, Huawei Analytics, Huawei In-app […]