Huawei HMS integration

The problem An existing Android application needed to be ported to use Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). The solution Replace all Google Mobile Services with their Huawei Mobile Services alternatives. the result We were able to successfully integrate all required Huawei Mobile Services. The app is now fully functional with Huawei Login, Huawei Analytics, Huawei In-app […]

Snapchat Scan integration

Snapchat wants to provide more educational and fun values to their users via the Scan feature. One of the experiences they wanted to provide was plant identification and plant information. It needed to be very secure due to the focus on privacy that Snapchat has. And it needed to return results in 300 ms.

Monetisation through in-app purchases

For an existing mobile application that was switching from a pay upfront business model to a freemium business model we needed to implement a solution for monetisation via in-app purchases.

Monetisation through ads

For an existing freemium utility mobile app the customer wanted to better monetize the users that were not converting to paid subscribers.

Niche social network

To increase retention and engagement for an existing utility app by giving them more value.​

Administrative panel for a mobile app

For a multi-faceted mobile application business, a single location for user management, community management, content moderation, image recognition training data annotation and validation, paid subscription management as well as analytics and insights was required.