Monetisation through ads

Monetisation through ads

For an existing freemium utility mobile app the customer wanted to better monetize the users that were not converting to paid subscribers.

Niche social network

social network for plants

To increase retention and engagement for an existing utility app by giving them more value.​

Administrative panel for a mobile app

mobile app administrative panel

For a multi-faceted mobile application business, a single location for user management, community management, content moderation, image recognition training data annotation and validation, paid subscription management as well as analytics and insights was required.

Android vs iOS App Development – How to Choose the Right App Development Platform

android vs iOS app development

Most people nowadays have a smartphone which they use daily. However, the population is diversified and distributed across different platforms. Two of the leading platforms upon the mobile devices of the people around the world are Android and iOS. So, when you’ve decided to develop an app, you have to carefully choose the platform. That’s […]

How to Increase App Downloads

ways to increase app downloads

With over 3.2 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving. App usage is still growing at a steady rate, without any signs of slowing down in the future. Not so surprisingly, people spend 88% of their mobile time on apps. What does that mean for you […]

Mobile app backend

Mobile App For Identifying Plants

We guaranteed availability for hundreds of concurrent requests and tens of thousands of active users without any performance impact.

Full-stack Developer vs Specialized Developer

full-stack versus specialized developer

Developers are the core of every app out there. If you have decided that you want an app for your business, you should ask yourself what kind of developers you need. Overall, there are two main types of developers – full-stack or specialized developers. Full-stack developers are developers specialising in both the front-end and the […]

Native vs Hybrid Development. Which is Right for Your Business?

native versus hybrid development

If you don’t have an app, you might be missing out The mobile app is claimed to be the most dynamic business tools. They are perceived as the new normal in building a relationship with your customers. This is valid for software products and other services – such as shopping, renting cars, or banking. Nowadays, […]