Learning apps are booming, but are they really helping?

Businesses are struggling during the current pandemic, and even some tech and digital businesses are having a hard time keeping up. But apps that enable learning digitally and online are not in that category. In fact a lot of them have seen a great rise in downloads, revenue and retention over the last year.

In most countries there has been an almost constant shift between in-school and in-home school for most ages. By now most of them are definitely tired of all the back and forth. But it seems that tech companies that sell learning apps directly to schools and educational organisations are not at all unhappy about this uncertainty.

The situation brings out many other question revolving around the effectiveness of the current education systems and are shining a light over the many gaps that need to be filled. And technology is not a solution by itself, it’s merely an enabler. Yes, the digitalisation of school is a very important aspect and we should do something about it. But this is just a drop in the ocean if we really want to solve education.

We believe that the real problem is we need better education in general. Most countries have school systems that are based on a more than 100-year old model. Their sole purpose is to prepare workers for the industry, so that economies can keep growing and prosper. While this model has worked until now, we’re seeing more and more cases when it doesn’t work. Kids with ADHD, emotional instability and an overall lack of preparation for real life are showing that we need better schools and better education. The young want to learn, they just need to be taught better. The best use of technology in that sense would be the ability to have a more personalised approach to education. Imagine a school where everyone studies at their own pace and focuses on their own strengths and creativity. Yes, we all need language skills, math, some science and history. But, imagine what the world would look like if we were all taught to be the best version of ourselves from a very young age, in contrast to the world where everyone is trying to fit in.

Learning apps is one of our favourite types of projects. We’ve worked on some great educational apps and we’re looking forward to the next generation of education that technology will enable.

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