Custom Apps For Small Businesses – Are They Necessary?

Do small business owners really need a mobile app?

In the modern world, digital media takes an enormous place in our everyday life. That has to be acknowledged by small and medium business owners. If you’re a business owner and you have a website or a Facebook page – that’s great! But it is not enough to attract new customers and keep the old ones.

A mobile app that improves interaction with customers and presents business products/services in front of customers can be a great way to grow a small business. Furthermore, apps can support customer trust, brand identity, and employee proficiency.

The trend of mobile device users keeps rising and has no likelihood to change course anytime soon. The younger generation of users is more used to interacting with apps, rather than with websites.

The market says “YES”!

If you’re uncertain that your business needs a mobile app, have a glance at the following reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in developing your business app.

Direct marketing channel

A mobile app developed for your business can be a direct marketing channel for you to inform your customers about news, special promotions, sales, price details, booking, and many more at their fingertips. Furthermore, through push notifications, you can remind customers about services and products at an optimal time.

And since mobile apps can effectively gather consumer preferences and consumer data, you can offer them content that attracts them. Thus, you provide them with a personalised user experience, know their preferences, and you can satisfy their demands. Also, this personalisation creates strong relationships and foster trust.

Brand recognition

Having a mobile application for your small business can contribute a lot to your brand awareness. App development will enter your business in the iOS and Android app stores, prompting numerous targeted clients who are looking for the products or services you provide. Thus, a well-developed, well-designed, easy to use mobile application will leave an enduring impact on clients and help create a reliable brand identity. Furthermore, the icon of your app will be on the screens of your customers that will help them remember your brand among your competitors.

Enhanced customer engagement

Customers need a quick and easy way to reach your business, whether you are selling products or providing services, and nothing do this better than a mobile app. You can help desk feature, gentle push notification or instant message option in your app. That can make a huge difference in the way you communicate with your customers and improve customer engagement.

Remember, the more often you can get your customers to interact and engage with your mobile app, the higher the chances they’ll buy your products.

Customer feedback

For a business to run adequately and thrive, the clients should have the option to state what they think and how they feel about your business. Your clients may want to give a suggestion, a review, or even maybe a complaint about your products or services. Mobile applications enable your clients to do that. With these feedbacks, you’ll be able to identify new business opportunities and improve your products to meet the demands of your target.

Customer loyalty and loyalty programs

Your customers are loaded with information 24/7 – Facebook ads, Youtube ads, email marketing, coupons – it’s easy to lose impact on your customers because of the number of advertisements. To make a real connection with your customers and boost their loyalty, you need to provide them with a unique experience.

You can do this with a loyalty program. That is a sort of promotional technique where you offer rewards, coupons or special offers to your clients. For instance, Starbucks gives rewards to app customers who purchase a specific amount of drinks or food via their app.

The loyalty programs not just help in connecting with the customers, but also gather sufficient data and insights about the customers’ preferences and how they feel about your business.

Increased revenues

Valued customers, improved customer satisfaction and enhanced customer engagement are some key elements that can boost your sales and profits. The mobile app can likewise empower boost in sales through notifications about discounts and different offers.

And when you give your customers a mobile app to interact effectively and to place orders quickly without the barriers of time and location, they won’t shop from your competitors. Furthermore, they will likely refer your business to their friends and families – and more customers mean increased overall revenues.

These are the crucial reasons why small and medium businesses should invest in developing their mobile app. Apart from helping the businesses increase their productivity and revenue, the mobile apps allow you to connect with clients, to increase their loyalty and to attract new customers.

OK, I want my business to have a mobile app. How to go about making it?

Thanks to the many freelance developers and software development agencies, anyone can build an app for their business. Need help with YOUR mobile app? We will be more than happy to help you.

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