Huawei HMS integration

The problem

An existing Android application needed to be ported to use Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

The solution

Replace all Google Mobile Services with their Huawei Mobile Services alternatives.

the result

We were able to successfully integrate all required Huawei Mobile Services. The app is now fully functional with Huawei Login, Huawei Analytics, Huawei In-app Purchases, Huawei Push notifications, Huawei Maps, Huawei Ads and Huawei ML Kit.

Tech stack




We had to integrate all the services in a very short amount of time for our client to be able to qualify for a special developer program.

Our client had been identified as a very important app and was directly approached by Huawei representatives. Their requirement was to replace all Google Mobile services with Huawei Mobile services. We went through a research phase with their technical team to determine whether all key functionalities will be possible with Huawei services.

It was determined that we should be able to replace most of the Google services with Huawei services. The ones that we could not replace were implemented with a custom integration. The app was successfully ported and launched in Huawei App Gallery.

Other features

Huawei Analytics

Huawei MLKit

Huawei App Gallery management

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