PlantSnap enables plant recognition in Snapchat

We are very excited to announce the collaboration between PlantSnap and the social giant Snapchat. They will begin rolling out the new functionality to its users tonight and they will be able to identify over 600,000 plants right from the Snapchat Camera. Еarlier today during Snap’s partner summit PlantSnap was announced as one of the key partners for the new Lens features. This is a further extension of the company’s efforts to bring powerful visual search capabilities to its users directly inside the Snapchat app.

The announcement came along with a slew of other very exciting new features and a lot of new original content coming to the platform. Snapchat has become the place to be for US users and with more than 200 million daily active users it sounds like they’re changing the game in the big leagues. Their focus on frontline camera and image recognition technologies, as well as user privacy is what brought them to PlantSnap and us.

Back in 2017, PlantSnap started as a solo project with big ambitions. It took many sleepless nights and building a great team to reach 35+ million installs in over 200 countries. With a growing database of 620 000 flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and more, PlantSnap has become the go-to app for gardeners, hikers, landscape designers, teachers, students, foragers and other nature lovers.

At Eden Tech Labs, we share a vision for continuous growth and improvement. Not only as individuals and professionals but as global citizens. That’s why we take this collaboration as  proof  that our product-oriented approach to software development works.

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