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Controlling Your Emotions in the Workplace

As human beings, it is hard for us, not to be emotional. It is generally good to be emotional in certain situations of life. But if you’re not able to

Work Spirituality

We rarely pay attention to spirituality or finding meaning at work. The mix of spirituality and a professional environment might seem like an unlikely match. The recent boom in wellness and mindfulness programs in

Steps to a Successful Career Change

Are you happy with your current job? Many people settle for a career that no longer brings them joy and satisfaction. We all need to pay our bills and maintain

PlantSnap enables plant recognition in Snapchat

We are very excited to announce the collaboration between PlantSnap and the social giant Snapchat. They will begin rolling out the new functionality to its users tonight and they will

Communication Mistakes

As we’ve mentioned many times – communication is key for healthy relationships – no matter if they’re part of your work or person life. And what’s important about communications is

How To Build Positive Relationships in the Workplace

Humans need to connect with people around them socially, that’s why the human is called “social animal”. And this need to connect applies everywhere, including the workplace. When people have

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