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Types of Company Culture

What is company culture? Company culture – also known as organisational culture, is the shared values, attitudes and practices that define an organisation. It’s the personality of the company, and

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Do you feel like you work hard but you’re not getting anywhere? And it seems like you never fulfil your New Year’s resolutions? Often the goals and the resolutions, which

Bosses and Leaders: What are the Differences?

Some people think that boss and leader are synonyms, but there’s a huge difference between being a boss and being a leader. For a company to thrive and grow, it

Collective-Centric vs Individual-Centric Companies

Individualistic cultures appreciate the self, while collectivistic cultures focus on the group. For example, people who grew up in the United States, and most parts of Europe, are individualists. They

The Management Skills Pyramid

Being a project manager might be overwhelming. Managers exist on the front lines, behind the scenes, in customer-facing roles, and across the organisation in various positions. Project management is much

Signs to Step Down as a Leader

All people make mistakes it’s in human nature. Even the most admired and successful leaders have made catastrophic leadership mistakes. Actually, that’s one of the best ways to learn, grow

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