Snapchat Scan integration

The problem

Snapchat wants to provide more educational and fun values to their users via the Scan feature. One of the experiences they wanted to provide was plant identification and plant information. It needed to be very secure due to the focus on privacy that Snapchat has. And it needed to return results in 300 ms.

The solution

To develop and deliver a custom version of the API we had already built for the client with the specifics of their partnerships. Iterate until we are able to meet the response time needs.

the result

A custom API was provided to them. It allows them to perform plant identification globally within the required response time while maintaining the highest security standards.

snapchat scan integration

Tech stack


Amazon AWS

The solution had to provide very short response times on a global scale

Snapchat is a global social media giant with more than 300 million monthly active users. It’s a platform that ensures a lot of fun and their users rely on them because of their focus on security and privacy. A recent initiative of theirs is that they do not only provide entertainment, but also education. That’s where their partnership with PlantSnap comes into play.

This project required a global infrastructure with 3 main entry points in US, EU and Asia. We are relaying the requests through multiple VPCs and proxies to achieve low response time within the required single compute region.

Other features

Plant information details

Contextual products API

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