What Makes an App Development Company Successful?

Every year millions of mobile apps are uploaded on the different app stores. The creators hope that their mobile apps will have millions of downloads and therefore, will win lots of money. However, only a few mobile apps manage to make it that big as they were expected to be. The reason behind this is that users don’t connect with them. A large number of mobile apps fail to engage users because of many factors, some of which we’ve reviewed here.

If we talk about some successful mobile apps and successful mobile app development companies, there are some common things in them.

So, what exactly are those factors that differentiate the great app developers and development companies from the rest?

1. They do thorough research and testing

When you’re thinking about how to build an app, you should never take the research part as something unimportant. Before writing even a single line of code, you have to know who you’re designing for. That means you have to collect a lot of data on your future users, including demographics, behavioural patterns, likes and dislikes. Research goes beyond a simple survey or focus group and should include some form of user testing. You also need information about your competitors and industry trends.

The main aim is to learn what works and what doesn’t regarding features and functionality before the app goes public. Investing time to learn what will bring value to your users will help in the long-run. Find yourself a software development company that knows the importance of research and how to do it well.

2. They have a good portfolio

One of the easiest ways to tell if someone, or something, is good is to check out their reputation in the industry.

The good software development companies have client reviews and testimonials, typically found on their website as well as rating sites, and personal recommendations from people who have recently hired the company to create their app. Also, download the apps they’ve developed and tested them out yourself.

3. They have great relationships with their clients

When you’ve decided that you want to hire a company or a freelancer, you should work with an agency that puts your needs and desires first. If you have a bad feeling about the team you’re thinking to hire, then the building of the app will be an unpleasant experience.

These are the crucial things: How do they communicate? Do they talk more than they listen? Do they ask the right questions? How many people are involved?

The best developers and designers take time to learn about you and your brand, your customer, and your organisation’s goals and vision for the app before getting started.

  1. They have strong organisational values

Organisational values guide a business’s daily operations and activities. Furthermore, shared core values keep the team members on track and set a standard for the way they do their jobs. If the company you choose doesn’t have strong values, most probably the developmental team won’t have a good standard, and the communication most probably will be poor

And what about successful apps?

Successful apps can be created by development companies and agencies, or freelance developers. The success of an app depends on certain factors – so, let’s review which are those factors and what makes apps popular and prosperous.

Seamless user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

The main factor which helps a mobile app to gain popularity is its user-interface. Many mobile apps fail to impress users because they don’t have a user interface that can offer a great user experience. A mobile app can’t succeed without a user-interface that can impress the users with its smoothness and features. With unpleasant design and hard to use interface, most probably the users will delete the app right away.

To build a functional design, the design team should do a lot of research work and understand the user’s psychology.

App store optimisation

Often mobile apps development companies and independent developers don’t follow the app store optimisation basics when they upload their app on app stores. Neglecting this action can lead to not reaching potential users and failure of the app.

What needs to be done is to write down an appropriate app description containing in-depth details of the app and its features along with the right keywords. A mobile app can’t reach a million downloads without getting an adequate amount of searches.

Regular updates and bug fixing

No app become a million dollars venture overnight. Every successful app climbs the charts slow and gradually, with the help of good reviews. The best way to get positive reviews for your app is to keep on updating it regularly – this wins the user’s appreciation. Furthermore, a mobile app, which has regular updates, has the least possibilities of getting delete or being switched by any other similar app.

Another thing which the company should consider is bug fixing. Bugs are the most irritating thing that mobile apps can have. Developers must make sure that their app is bug-free and offers an interruption-free experience to the users.

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