Full-stack Developer vs Specialized Developer

Developers are the core of every app out there. If you have decided that you want an app for your business, you should ask yourself what kind of developers you need. Overall, there are two main types of developers – full-stack or specialized developers.

Full-stack developers are developers specialising in both the front-end and the back-end. On the other hand, specialised developers are experts in a single discipline, either the front-end or the back-end. Front-end development involves the visual part of the application, while the back-end development involves the server-side of the application.

To make your decision, you have to know the pros, cons, and essential characteristics of both kinds of developers. So, let’s review them.

Full-stack developers


Full-stack developers have a broad skill set and knowledge of technologies and languages. From Frontend/Backend development and markup languages (CSS, HTML) to databases (MySQL, Firebase) and software testing. Usually, a full stack developer is paid higher than a specialised developer.

Furthermore, a full stack developer can also take the role of a CTO. So, if you want to hire a CTO, who can make decisions based on the various facets of the project, a full-stack developer is a great choice.


  1. Quick identification of issues

These developers can easily identify and fix issues since they are familiar with all the stages of software development.

  1. Economical

Full-stack developers can replace two or more specialised developers. You can have a small powerful team rather than a large one. This means a lower workforce and savings.

  1. Reduced time

Full-stack developers can switch between the tasks from the client-side to the server-side. This eliminates the confusion between both sides. In general, a full-stack develop is more independent compared to a specialised one. Thus, the overall development time is reduced.

  1. Fewer meetings

Meetings and discussions among the teams get reduced when full-stack developers are involved. This means that more time can be spent on development.


  1. Lack of knowledge of the latest technologies

Working in a wide range of fields means that a full stack developer doesn’t have the time to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. If you want to have the newest features in your product, a full stack developer might find it tough to implement it.

  1. Difficulty in tracking the project

Full-stack developers work on big parts of a project instead of breaking it into smaller tasks. This makes it difficult to track and identify the completeness of the project.

  1. Average service

Even though full-stack developers have knowledge of a variety of technologies, they are not masters of any. If there is any situation that requires expert attention or advice, a full stack developer might not perform well. Lack of an in-depth understanding of the subject leads to an average service.

  1. Availability

Finding full stack developers can be a hard task. You might feel that it is better to have a team of dedicated developers.

Moreover, the company should be careful of high dependency on a single or handful of full-stack developers. If a full-stack developer with a high dependency quits the company, it can impact the flow of the project and even the business as a whole.

When to hire full-stack developers?

  1. Small projects

If the size of the project is small, it is preferable to hire full-stack developers. They can cover a range of technologies and switch between tasks and meet the expectations.

  1. Low complexity projects

A full-stack developer can easily handle low complexity projects which don’t require in-depth knowledge.

  1. Low on budget

If you are low on your budget, hiring full-stack developers is better since they are more economical then the specialised ones.

  1. Time Constraints

If you have to complete the project within a short timeframe, full-stack developers are recommended. With their expertise in the various areas, they can switch between the tasks to complete the project in a short period.

Specialized developers


Specialized developers are experts in a specific area. They most probably have in-depth knowledge and troubleshooting abilities from years of experience. They are perfect for a specified field, from design and databases to architecture. Specialized developers can make strong teams, and can complete the work on time.


  1. High quality

Since the specialised developers are experts in their technology, you can expect quality work from them. Their output is generally superior compared to the one from full-stack developers.

  1. Expertise in latest technologies

These developers updated their knowledge and skills with the latest technologies. Implementing new technologies improves overall product quality.

  1. Allocation of responsibilities

With developers who’re experts in different fields, the allocation of work and responsibilities is easy. The job can be divided into tasks and assigned to the specialised developers.

  1. Easy to hire

Hiring a dedicated developer is easier compared to hiring a full-stack developer.


  1. Expensive

Compared to full-stack developers, hiring specific developers for various areas is very expensive

  1. Dependency

When developing an app, a specialised developer has a dependency on the other one. In some cases, a developer cannot go ahead with his task unless the other one has his completed.

  1. Coordination

Coordination has to be ensured between various teams involved in the project. Understanding the other team is important. To facilitate coordination, meetings and discussions may have to be scheduled.

When to hire specialized developers?

  1. Large projects

Large and long-term projects require a team of specialized developers.

  1. High complex projects

High complex projects require in-depth knowledge and expertise. With their experience and expertise, specialised developers can handle complicated projects.

  1. High-quality projects

These projects require expertise and in-depth knowledge


Hiring a full stack developer or a specialized developer is based on your requirements and expectations.

To sum up, if you have a great idea that quickly has to be turned into a product, hiring full-stack developers is the right solution for you. This is especially useful in case of startups who have less time, resources and budget. On the other hand, if you have a highly complex and long-term project, it is safe to hire a specialized developer.

You can analyse the type of your project and the expected outcome. Make your decision based on these factors.

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