Monetisation through in-app purchases

The problem

For an existing mobile application that was switching from a pay upfront business model to a freemium business model we needed to implement a solution for monetisation via in-app purchases.

The solution

We integrated Apple's StoreKit and Google's IAB (in-app billing). We created a user experience that explains the benefits of making a purchase and allows them to subscribe.

the result

With these we have enabled the client to sell several tiers of subscriptions and one-time payment products that allow users to access premium features.

Monetisation through in-app purchases

Tech stack





We had to make sure we provide a uniform user experience between both platforms.

We advised the customer to make the premium purchases available for users regardless of where they bought them from. This means that if someone decides to buy something on their iPhone, but later decides to use it on an Android we make sure they are able to.

This required a custom backend functionality for tracking subscriptions and one-time in-app purchases. The mobile apps pull this information from the backend and present the user what they have purchased.

A custom revenue tracking system was implemented, along with an internal service that populates revenue with the analytics providers that the customer was using.

Other features

Free trials

Introductory offers

Revenue tracking

IAP events tracking

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