Making Decisions During a Crisis

We live in an unsettling time. Our daily routines have been completely changed, and we have no clue when this is going to end.

In our daily and business lives, the frequent changes are causing us to make decisions under pressure. And some people make decisions out of desperation, rather than thinking about the different possibilities. This is something you want to avoid doing because you don’t want to make decisions which you’ll regret in the future.

But how do you know if you’ve made the right decision? Here are some steps to follow when you have to make a decision:

  1. Try to calm yourself

When you’re in crisis mode, you may feel a sense of urgency or panic. A feeling, that everything should happen right now, and if it doesn’t something bad will happen. But before making any important decisions, take a moment and breathe. Try to calm yourself and take a minute to understand everything that is happening.

  1. Gather information

You should aim to collect the necessary information, thus you can make an informed decision. Do your research!

Read as many articles as possible that are relevant to the problem, watch videos, and brainstorm ideas. If you don’t truly understand the problem, and you don’t analyse the factors, it is very difficult to seek out an appropriate solution.

  1. Consider the alternatives

Analyse all of the options, allow yourself to think about the variety of solution to the existing problem. You need ideas and then to prioritise them in order of preference.

You can write the pros and cons of every alternative and then evaluate which one is the best to do right now.

  1. Ask for an opinion

Reaching out for an opinion from your friends, family and colleagues might be helpful for you when making a decision.

Talk to them about what you’re going through and further discuss the possibilities. They might help you to understand the situation better and you can see it from other perspectives.

You don’t have to do exactly what they say but listen to them carefully.

  1. Be optimistic

We know that the times are hard and it’s almost impossible to have positive thinking, but try to stay optimistic when you make decisions. Keep in mind that whatever you choose now, it will have an impact on your future, so be smart and patient.

As the saying goes ‘keep calm and carry on’!

  1. Make the decision

When you’ve done your research, considered your options, talked with your loved ones and so on, it’s finally the time to make a decision.

Choose the solution that you wish to take and trust your gut.

  1. Reflect

When the pandemic is over, make sure you have reflected on the tough period you have experienced. This is important as if you do ever find yourself in the same situation again, you will not react the same way that you may have the first time.

You can also reflect on the changes you made and enjoyed during the quarantine. Maybe you had more time for yourself, more time with family, more time for work or university, and so on.

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