It takes just a click to organize your images with Eden Photos!

We are beyond happy to officially launch Eden Photos: the desktop app developed by our indie dev agency Eden Tech Labs

We are not joking when we say it takes just a click to organize all your photos. The app uses AI to automatically do this for you and what’s even better is that it makes your images searchable with state-of-the-art image recognition.

What inspired Eden Photos?

Let’s be honest! There is no GREAT story behind the idea of Eden Photos. Truth be told, we were just tired of spending ages looking for a photo or organizing every single shot in folders while paying for extra storage over and over again. 

For sure, you have also been there. Just chatting with someone when suddenly you remember a relevant photo which you wanna show. And then the great search begins.

With Eden Photos, our AI puts contextual tags on your photos so you can find them in seconds! This way you can focus more on creating and sharing memories than spending ages organizing every single image.

What does Eden Photos have to offer?

With great tools come great features. Our key features that aim to make image organization easier for you include:

No extra storage required – You read that correctly! With our app, you don’t need any additional storage for photos.
Saves your time for real – When you make changes to your folders they are automatically reflected in Eden Photos.
Truly effective organization – Let our AI automatically tag your photos making them truly searchable and easy to be accessed. 
Two plans to choose from – Choose what works best for you! Try how auto-tagging works and see the benefits by yourself.

Of course, the full list of benefits of using the app includes:

  • Automatic tagging*
  • Automatic categorisation*
  • Custom tags
  • Custom albums
  • Manually adding and editing tags**
  • Manually moving between albums**
  • Bulk editing of tags
  • Sign in with email and Google
  • Adding tags to IPTC (option)
  • Adding tags as Finder tags (option)
  • Supported image formats: JPG, PNG

Try Eden Photos and see for yourself!

Now you have the chance to test the tool and benefit from what it has to offer! Apart from the 14-day trial you can start today, you can check out our limited-time offer! 

Purchase the Light subscription plan with 20% off and you get to keep the same price forever! And when we say forever we mean it! For more information on the subscription options see here.

As a small indie dev studio, we would like to make you a part of the further development of the product! Write to [email protected] if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the app. We are here to help!

What’s next?

Exciting things are coming so make sure you follow us on social media so you are always up-to-date with new updates and news around the app. If you know someone who may use Eden Photos to make life easier, why don’t you send this article to them?  

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