Telegram just launched a Clubhouse competitor. Who’s next?

You’ve probably heard about Clubhouse by now. The iOS only, invite only app that serves as a drop-in audio chat. It’s been on a hell of a rise since its launch and even though it’s not making any money yet it has even received unicorn status, due to the amount of installs and the time users spend in the app.

Their rise opened the gates for competition and while Clubhouse is still gathering new users, the more established social networks are leveraging the hype by launching their own versions of the drop-in voice channels. One of the first ones to do this was Telegram when they announced the launch of Voice Chats 2.0. One of the largest audiences on Clubhouse is the Russian-speaking demographic. We think it was only natural for Telegram to be the first to launch similar features in its own app.

We’re now hearing news about Facebook also joining the race pretty soon. After all, Mark Zuckerberg is on Clubhouse, alongside Elon Musk and most of the popular VCs.

What concerns us though is that there are a lot of users that find Clubhouse to be rather disappointing. It’s sometimes difficult to find a nice channel to join and many are jumping ship due to that exact reason. And we know from Snapchat and other platforms that rely on their users for the content their apps serve that it can be a challenge to provide high-quality content at scale. Especially this early in the development of the product and the company, such growth and buzz can actually be a real burden.

We wish nothing but the best to the team that built Clubhouse and we can’t wait to see how far this will go! Are you using Clubhouse already? What do you think?

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